We protect the privacy of Seniors.

So they don’t lose money, time, or their identity.

Protect your personal security for as little as $9.99 per month with no hidden fees. 

Protection Made Simple.

Simple Enrollment

No sensitive personal information required

24/7 Live U.S Based Assistance

Direct phone access to live U.S based specialists available 24/7

Affordable Monthly or Annual Rates

With no hidden contracts or additional fees

BRELLA Membership Provides Long-Term Value for an Affordable Monthly Cost

Early Prevention

One of our certified U.S. based experts will talk you through your BRELLA benefits and help you take steps to prevent a breach. When you join and every 6 months during your membership.


BRELLA Member Kit

Tools that will help you guard against attacks, including BRELLA’s Personal Security and Safety Guidebook, Membership ID card, checklists, and more.


Regular Alerts

As they happen, and on a regular basis, you will receive by email or postal mail, warning you of new threats and scams to watch out for.


Scam Verification and Assistance 24/7

One of our trained and certified U.S. based experts are available anytime to assist you. Think you spotted a scam? Call BRELLA!


How our Seniors are being scammed

Each year millions of Elderly Americans are victims of some type of fraud. Seniors are the #1 target for online theft and identity fraud an are often targeted because they tend to be trusting and polite. They also usually have financial savings, own a home, and have good credit—all of which make them attractive to scammers.

Former FBI Director William Webster and his wife were the targets of a Jamaican lottery scam in 2014

Why BRELLA Cares?

At BRELLA, our goal is simple – to make protection accessible to all. We designed our service for Seniors. Before there were not many options for Seniors to have fraud and identity theft services catered to them specifically, that are not revolved around so much technology but a simpler way to get the help they need. We decided to take a few steps back to a simpler way of customer interaction, without all of the automated calls and hurdles.

What You Will Get In Personal Security and Lifestyle Protection Plans:

Exclusive Early Fraud Prevention

Protect yourself from one of the fastest-growing crimes in the U.S.


Identity Theft Resolution

Our U.S. based experts help resolve fraud cases and are available to speak on the phone 24/7.


$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance

Alleviate the costs that often come with restoring one’s identity.


Scam Verification and Assistance

Our early intervention and assessments help you catch scams and phishing.


Account Closure and Notification

We assist your beneficiaries with end of life account closures.


Travel Emergency Assistance

Our global network and in-house medical team helps with travel troubles.


And More!

Help is just a phone call away!

We support caregivers too.

Are you caring for a loved one and concerned they may get taken advantage of by a scam artist or identity thief? You’re not alone – having a loved one fall victim of fraudulent activity is a top concern for those caring for Seniors.

Give them immediate access to care and assistance when trouble arises. Give yourself less to worry about.

Get FREE alerts and notifications

“That could never happen to me…”

This is a common statement made when there are news reports of seniors losing tens of thousands to a scammer. Yet, criminals cheat older people out of more than $3 billion each year using a wide variety of methods.  


of Adults 50 years and older are victims of identity fraud

Million deceased americans have identities abused each year

million adults were victims of identity theft in 2017 (and growing)

200 hours

The average length of time to resolve an identity fraud case.


“I’m a senior citizen in Florida – the representatives took the time to be extremely helpful and explained everything carefully.”

“Your operator was very, very patient, knowledgable and kind. She showed true care in understanding the questions that I was asking her. A very professional person you have there.”

“The person that helped me was professional and took care of me in seconds.”