Our Mission

With technology growing everyday, we noticed senior were getting caught up in the negative parts of this growing tech. Seniors more and more each day began to be the target of scams and fraud. Brella set out to protect our seniors in this constantly changing time.

Before there were not many options for Seniors to have fraud and identity theft services catered to them specifically, that are not revolved around so much technology but a simpler way to get the help they need. We decided to take a few steps back to a simpler way of customer interaction, without all of the automated calls and hurdles. With BRELLA when you need help you get a live U.S based personnel to help assist with anything you need.


BRELLA offers a unique service for mature adults and their caregivers. With growing trends of criminals targeting older adults, our products are specifically designed to protect the personal security and lifestyle of Seniors.

Peace of Mind. Simplified.

The seed for BRELLA was planted several years ago, with the realization and understanding that Seniors are continually targeted with fraudulent activity and pervasive scam – with no suitable solution to protect and assist them.

The founders, having experience within the identity theft protection and fraud prevention industries, recognized the increasing risk Seniors’ face. With this understanding came the commitment to provide Seniors with a relevant service to help protect and preserve their personal privacy and lifestyles in a simple and highly accessible service.


Our Commitment to Care

Our goal is simple – to improve the privacy and quality of life for Seniors. We focus on the unique risks Seniors face and tailor solutions with these risks in mind. Delivering the highest level of care in a way that is appealing and attractive to our members is our top priority. We are committed to making access to CARE simple, safe and confidential.

We offer services to mature adults and their caregivers

People Centered Service

We live in a technology-first era, where companies are encouraging and even requiring customers to use self-help tools and resources. We’re taking a more traditional approach by offering live and immediate assistance. We believe that in challenging and difficult times, people want to talk with people.


“The overall experience was wonderful. Very easy to deal with all aspects of the service.”

“I just want to say you are the absolute best customer service person I think I have ever dealt with. Your attention to detail and tenacity in sticking with me to find a solution was unwavering.”

“Kind service, problem resolution and patience. Two technicians helped me for about 45 minutes to resolve website and credit monitoring problems. Thanks for the help.”