Account Closure and Notification

At a time of loss, the last thing our members and/or their families want to do is make phone calls and handle paperwork. With our Account Closure and Notification Service, you won’t have to.

We’ll take care of the administrative details involved in closing one’s life legacy – relieving the stress of paperwork so our member’s family can focus on the healing process.

Protection Against Ghosting Fraud

There is a form of identity fraud known as “ghosting,” a practice that is frightening as much as it is shocking. This occurs when someone uses the information of a deceased person for financial benefit. In some cases, the criminal takes over bank accounts, applies for new credit cards in the deceased person’s name, file fake tax returns and can make it difficult to settle a loved one’s estate.

Ghosting normally happens soon after a loved one dies, often before you have a chance to notify Social Security, the IRS or creditors. Over 2 million identities are stolen each year from people who have recently died and much of the information used to steal their identity can be found in an obituary and other easy to access information.

Peace of Mind in a Time of Need

Immediately after a loved one passes, a survivor contacts and works with and average of 12 to 15 entities. Our Account Closure and Notification Service was created for families, beneficiaries and children to help with the administrative task of closing accounts and sending notifications quickly in order to avoid loved ones becoming the victim of this form of fraud.

As a BRELLA member, you simply need to contact a Account Closure and Notification Service Coordinator after a loved one passes, and we’ll assist in taking care of the paperwork and phone calls.

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