Exclusive Early Fraud Prevention

At BRELLA, we do things differently. While most identity fraud service providers focus on alerting customers when something has already happened, we believe early prevention is critical for our customers. We have created an exclusive program to help protect you from one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S before it happens.

Our Proactive Approach

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By taking a proactive approach we are able to offer our members with preventative services and resources which protect their personal information and minimize their risk of fraudulent activity.


Your Expert Team

For over 50 years, our U.S. based specialists have been caring for those in need, focusing on helping to prevent identity theft before it happens. We place emphasis on providing the highest level of service possible to not only help you should the worst happen, but to help protect you before anything does. Our Early Prevention Service is an example of our commitment to providing you with innovative and preventative solutions to safeguard your personal information and let you enjoy life with less worry.

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What’s Included:

Early Prevention Consultation

Upon enrollment, you’ll receive a consultation with one of our trained and certified U.S. based experts. Your BRELLA benefits will be explained and you’ll be enrolled in the fraud prevention services that are personalized for your individual needs. You’ll also receive a consultation every six months, and you can call us 24/7 with any questions.

Some of the consultation services we will perform with your permission include:

  • Register you for Opt-Out Services with the following companies:
    • Do Not Call Registry
    • Credit Bureau
    • Acxiom
    • Direct Mail Association
    • Block Automated Marketing Calls
  • Credit Report Review* – action taken as necessary
  • Fraud Alert (we work with you to place this service)
  • Credit Freezes (we work with you to place this service)

*Members will need to provide their credit report for this review

Personal Safety Guidebook

As part of our membership welcome kit, you’ll receive our personal safety guidebook – one of the many tools we offer to help you take control of your privacy. The personal safety guidebook includes:

  • Financial protection awareness tools for older adults
  • An in-depth explanation of services offered by BRELLA
  • List of types of fraud, what to be aware of regarding fraud prevention
  • What to do if you suspect abuse has occurred
  • Information about fraud alerts, how to file the alerts and when they may be beneficial
  • Information about credit freezes, how to file a freeze and when they may be beneficial
  • How to file a credit dispute
  • How to monitor your credit report and other data sources
  • Identity theft and fraud prevention resources
  • And more!


BRELLA Membership Card

Your BRELLA membership card also doubles as an RFID blocker. When placed in front of your debit and credit cards, it blocks criminals from stealing valuable card information if they get too close with a scanner.

Fraud and Prevention Checklists

Our useful checklists can be placed by your phone or computer and will help ensure your safety, further demonstrating our desire to prevent fraudulent activity before it happens.

Ongoing Education

BRELLA provides tips to help prevent scams. Alerts, notifications and education will be provided to you throughout your membership. We believe that a proactive fraud and scam alert system will help you be on the lookout for suspicious activities and help you understand how to address them. BRELLA also offers a wide range of educational resources and sends out monthly topics that are designed to address key issues that are of interest to our members.

Optional and As-Needed Prevention Services

In addition to providing an Early Prevention Consultation upon enrollment, our members receive consultation every six months and can call us 24/7 with any questions.

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