Identity Fraud Resolution

When your identity has been stolen, there are certain steps that need to be followed. The process can be overwhelming as well as frightening.

That is where BRELLA comes in – helping you deal with the many steps necessary to get your life back on track. Our U.S. based experts help resolve fraud cases and are available to speak on the phone 24/7.

Our 50 Years of Experience Saves You Time

On average it takes over 200 hours to resolve an identity theft issue. Our specialists will fully manage the process of restoring your identity, typically within less than 40 hours.


People Over Technology

When you call BRELLA, you’ll be connected with a dedicated live, U.S.-based specialist who will manage your case throughout the entire process. You will build a relationship with your dedicated specialist as they work to resolve your identity fraud case and restore your personal privacy.

With your consent, your specialist will work on your behalf to notify creditors, communicate with law enforcement, place appropriate alerts along with many other services – all while maintaining your privacy and security. When you reach out to BRELLA for help, you can feel confident you are receiving the highest level of care and assistance.

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What’s Included:

Credit Freezes and Fraud Alert

With your authorization, we can assist you in placing credit freezes and a fraud alert with all three credit bureaus.

Personal Care

It is important to note that Brella approaches identity fraud differently than other fraud protection companies. We focus on personal care, making our Identity Theft Resolution process more accessible and confidential.

$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance

We know that identity theft and fraud isn’t just stressful, but it is also costly. Brella’s Identity Fraud Resolution also includes $1 million in Identity Theft Insurance to help alleviate the costs that often come with restoring one’s identity. For a copy of your Summary of Benefits click here and Master Policy click here.

And More!

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