Scam Verification and Assistance

As a BRELLA member, you have access to Scam Verification and Assistance – BRELLA verification service reviews solicitations and possible scams. Our U.S. based specialists will conduct expert research and deliver a case-by-case assessment regarding the potential for a scam.

It’s As Simple As:

Send A Request

Forward a suspicious email, website link, flyer or postal mailing, text message or call us about a phone call or voicemail you received.


Once we receive your request, our specialists will look into the company, the request and all other information.

Authentication Notice

After our review, we determine if the request is valid and will inform you if it is a legitimate site, call or message or not. 

In 2018, Americans lost a total of $488 million to scams!

Expert Authentication

When our specialists receive a request from a member to research a solicitation, we scrutinize the messages for known signs of fraud and then conduct research on the organization. We also compare your offer to others that have been confirmed to be scams or phishing schemes.

Once our investigation is complete, you will receive a written assessment of our findings, giving you peace of mind that you are not being scammed and preventing you from taking any steps that could lead your personal information from being compromised.

Our focus is on early intervention, so we encourage our members to send requests for investigation before you spend any money.

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