Travel Emergency Assistance

After retirement, one of the most popular activities is traveling. Many of our members work hard and look forward to taking vacations and visiting faraway places.

However, what happens when an emergency arises while you’re on a trip? This is especially worrisome if you plan to travel out of the country.

Your Global Travel Assistance Team

 BRELLA offers a global assistance travel program to provide you with peace of mind as you travel. With a dynamically managed global network and a full, in-house medical team, BRELLA’s travel emergency program is here to help when trouble arises.


countries covered

medical professionals

assistance coordinators

2 Seconds

Our team handles 1 intervention every 2 seconds, around the globe.

Travel Emergencies &

Pre-Travel Protection

Not only does the BRELLA travel plan protect you while you’re traveling, it also offers assistance before you leave. We offer pre-trip travel destination information, location-awareness capabilities and omni-channel communication.

Forward-focused innovation ensures we meet the changing needs of our clients, offering an air ambulance auction tool, security services, real-time travel tracking and a flexible range of integrated services.

Get our travel emergency assistance and pre-travel services